Week in review

Been a while Blog!!

Success is before us! I can feel it.

We can do anything we set our minds to.

Thanks for the shirt David!! (I love this venue 😉

Designed part of a computer game this week. Got to trick my mind into thinking I’m rich by watching positive motivating videos on YouTube.

Been busy.





Time flies, huh?

Just recently I was daily communicating with EJ. now I’m blogging here in Alaska. Driving my Lamborghini, I love it.

Thank you for my life. My life is Beautiful. I’m blessed Daily. Strong Daily. Strength comes to those who focus. Who love doing what they are doing. For the WARRIORS. the fighters. The strong of the world. The people OBSESSED with becoming better. Do everything you can to get ahead. To be the person you have dreamed of becoming.

AD: SantaBarbaraSwim.Com

There is nothing you can’t do if your focused. You must celebrate all the difficult things in your life and do what it takes to be the Person you truly are the person you want to become.

Loving life.

Today I feel anxious. Parents going to Colorado this weekend.

I’m 25. Male. White. Green eyes.

Anton called apparently. I don’t want to go up there right now.

I’m already scheduled for Alans.

I miss my cousin Brandon. Sometimes I long for the days when there were no cell phones. Things were simply.

But I digress. This is a celebratory post.

I’m drenched in success. I love my life.

Stay organized my friends.

Make sure your writing your goals down!!

Be all you can be!


Gave my CD to Keith.

It was perfect.

I’ll give him one more when I see him again. No worries.

Stay Strong.

Get money.

Do everything you can for success.

In the Rolls royce get a Grip.

Kick like karate swag out in Versace.

Listening to my Tape right now. Really loving it.

Hope you all enjoy the blog!!


My vision in motion.

My idol. Michael Jackson.


Work Harder.